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Vocal Coaching For Business

Custom programs to improve team and corporate communications

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Custom, on demand workshops to

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Vocal Coaching For Leadership

Workshops to improve personal

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Vocal Coaching For

Learn to sing on pitch with more power and passion

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About Find Your Natural Voice

Find Your Natural Voice workshops was founded 25 years ago to help people get over their fear of singing in public and to sing more each day and enjoy it. I also created a business side of my workshops, Vocal 
Coaching for Leaders, to assist people to speak with power, inspiration, influence, passion and to be entertaining at the same time in their everyday lives.
  • Be More At Ease
  • Be More Persuasive 
  • Be More Influential
  • Be More Social
  • Be More Confident
  • Be More Powerful
  • Be More Inspirational
  • Be More Successful

Meet The Team

Robert Farland

Robert Farland

Founder of Find Your Natural Voice, Teaching 1000's of people just like you how to speak and sing with power,…

Lydia Edwards

Lydia has extensive experience making sure clients get the most out of Find Your Natural Voice Workshops.

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